OT: Doyel dribbles

The article talks about Matt Doherty and his past coaching experience and his role in the tarholes 8-20 year. And it suggests that he should coach Talsa

“Yes, the Tar Heels plummeted to 8-20 in 2002 (before the arrival of Felton, McCants and May) under his watch, and yes, Doherty shares blame. So does the previous coach, Bill Guthridge, who left behind a roster that was more UNC-Wilmington than UNC.”


Its a good thing he didn’t say UNC Charlotte :o
It still kind of bothers me though that he shows a lack of respect for any school that isn’t just “UNC”

there aint no unc.

Clt, you’re alright!

007, I didn’t take it as a slam on UNCW. If we’re comparing programs, there isn’t really one. UNC-CH is upper echelon and UNCW isn’t, though those Jerry Wainwright-coached teams with Brett Blizzard were pretty good!

BTW, I think Doyel has done a pretty job giving props to the Niners – especially since he no longer works as the ACC-homer for the Observer!