OT: From 2000: Charlotte needs to control fans

I was looking around trying to find the NCAA rules on coaches throwing objects on the court, and I happened on this article from 2000 in Cincy’s newspaper - The Enquirer. When I first saw the site, enquirer.com, I thought it was that Enquirer. Link

The Cincinnati Enquirer
At least three times during the course of the Cincinnati Bearcats’ victory at UNC Charlotte last week, the fans at Halton Arena threw objects onto the court. Some ice, a rolled-up piece of paper, even a baseball cap. The Bearcats weren’t shocked.

    “They've been throwing things since I've been here,” said UC center Kenyon Martin, a senior who has made four trips to play at Charlotte. 

    The Bearcats are accustomed to the hostile treatment and absurd behavior of the UNCC fans, but they saw something new during their visit to Halton last week. 

    As bad as it was that students were permitted to carry in handmade signs with profane messages regarding the opponent, the Charlotte situation reached a new low when area businesses were permitted to sponsor placards and T-shirts that bore negative, stereotypical messages about the Bearcats. 

    The placards were sponsored by a Charlotte-based Web site and made reference to UC's NCAA graduation rate. The T-shirts, which played on the perception of the Bearcats as outlaws, bore the name of a local restaurant. 

    Where was the UNCC administration when these deals were struck and these items were worn and carried through the arena doors? 

    Bearcats coach Bob Huggins was reprimanded by Conference USA last season for declaring, “Unlike some of the people in this league, we have class,” as he warned Shoemaker Center fans not to throw objects on the court during the Bearcats' game against UNCC. The UNCC administration deserves at least as much for failing to prevent corporate denigration of a league partner. 

    UNCC is caught in a difficult position. Its basketball team consistently ranks near the top of C-USA. Coach Bobby Lutz is one of the finest strategists in the nation, let alone the league, and the 49ers invariably compete hard and clean and above the level of their individual talent. Halton Arena is by far the best place in the league to watch a game. With all those positives, attendance is generally disappointing. Visits by the Bearcats generated three of the six sellouts in the building's four-year history. 

    The school wants better support, but the definition of “better” must involve more than a head count. UNC Charlotte needs to take action to develop a fan following worthy of its basketball team's class, rather than simply counting up the extra money generated when the Bearcats come to town.

Old news, but unfortunately, the perception is true. And for some reason there have been a few assholes in the student section (registered students, I can’t say), and yes I hope this is not edited, who have created that perception by throwing items on the court over the years. There was something thrown on the court this year during the Alabama game that could have resulted in a technical foul (and would have, had I been an official).

[b]Coach Bobby Lutz is one of the finest strategists in the nation, let alone the league[/b]

This is what I’m talking about. Gimme a break.