OT: Funny tidbit involving Beasley and some Tarheel

So after visiting CarolinaSucks.com when it i was posted in the shoutbox…I happened to actually look through the website. It seems they felt like poking a little fun at the myspace page of a future Tarheel PG. Apparantly, he’s from the same place as Beasley. In looking at a screenshot of this kid’s page, first off it’s evident that he’s gonna be like every other ****y, holier-than-though Tarhole…but on to the point. If you look on the page, on the right side, there’s a spot in his little questionnaire that asks “Ever Been Dunked On?”

His response? “Yeah Michael Beasley got me at practice…”

Just thought it was funny…****y little tarhole, but at least he admits he got OWNED by Beasley.

Anyway, just thought it was worth a laugh…if anybody else knows more about this kid, feel free to enlighten me.

Here’s the links: