OT: Gators Fire Zook.

You knew after Saturday this was coming. Think they’ll go after Stevie boy?

Zook Fired

dunno if Stevie would want it back.

He wasnt recruiting as well once Miami got going again. That last year in the SEC for him wasnt that great.

He might do it, and he might go to South Carolina. Or even better, Texas, if they run Mack off for losing to OU again. He’d absolutely love that Texas job. All the talent he’d ever want.

He lost two games his last year as a head coach and in both of those games his starting running back didn’t play. How exactly is that not doing so well?

They were an odds on favorite for the National Championship his last year. If Graham had stayed healthy, there’s a good chance they could have won it as well.

Steve and Chris would be one nasty combo.

It appears that most of the western hemisphere is currently logged on to Gatorbait.com’s message boards. The current users list is too big for my screen! :lol:

steve never won in starksville either.

I think it’s funny to listen to all of the national experts talk about how Zook did get the top recruit in Leak. Everybody knows he went to Florida simply to spite Rocky Top for screwing over his brother.

I think Spurrier would want the job, the question is does Florida want him? Spurrier is 59. How long is he planning on coaching? If you take him, you’re probably right back where you are now in 5 years. I don’t think you want a coach hanging around like Jo Pa, and I don’t think Spurrier would anyway. There are some good young(er) coaches out there. Dan Hawkins (Boise State), Urban Meyer (Utah), and Bobby Petrino are on a lot of short lists. Florida may have wanted their name in the running sooner than the rest of the potential schools with vacancies.

A very prominent alumni and big time donor to Chapel Hill told me 2 years ago that Spurrier would be in Chapel Hill next year no matter what Bunting did( a lot of faith in Bunting ,HUH). The feeling I got was that they were just buying some time with Bunting till they could get their resources back together after the basketball fiasco and to let Spurrier take a break before he came back.

Spurrier has family in Charlotte and likes the golf courses in this area. Chapel Hill needs the name and recruiting push he brings to keep the donors happy. They are also o’kay with Spurrier just being the OC with the pay and title of head coach (Spurrier does not let anything cut into his golf game).

Take it for what it’s worth.

My girlfriend went to Florida and she didn’t want to see Zook go…I wonder why because he was absolutely terrible. A lot of Florida alums in this area have turned their backs on this program since Zook was hired. I’m sure that losing doesn’t help that sentiment…that being said, Spurrier will never go back to Florida because he hates the AD. As for Zook, I wouldn’t want to coach the rest of the season and as you can imagine, the talk of the town right before the biggest rivalry game of the year has gotten mighty interesting…

Oh well, I could care less, I just thought that some may want the perspective from SEC country. Oh and I’ll be in Seattle this weekend watching the Panthers/Seahawks game…just call the Panthers Punchless in Seattle…what a disappointment this year has been. Hoping for the #1 overall pick at this point.


Spurrier is returning to Florida, mark it down. Yes, he and the AD hate each other, but either the AD hires Spurrier and grins and bares it or he can look for another job. Spurrier loves that he has to come crawling back to him and after they offer to make him the highest paid coach in college football he will accept. The Florida fans will accept nothing less.

As for the Carolina rumor, just to add to it, apparently a big group of donors were putting together a 8 million dollar package to Fire Badour and Bunting and hire Spurrier and a new AD. From what I heard, Spurrier was never very interested in the Carolina job(He’s gone the footbal coach at a basketball school route before and don’t think you’ll ever see he do it again). It would have been interesting to see what would have happened if Florida wasn’t open, but now we will never know.

[b]He's gone the footbal coach at a basketball school route before and don't think you'll ever see he do it again.[/b]

With the way Duke had their academic requirements for football set up before this season, Spurrier wasn’t going to get the best talent there. He still put together some good teams at Duke, and led them to a bowl game. Duke just this year lowered their football academic requirements to match what they allow for basketball. Not saying they will become a football powerhouse, but they will get some better talent because of it. Spurrier would have had even better talent during his tenure at Duke had those requirements been in place. Spurrier can get recruits off of reputation now, wherever he goes. You can say he tarnished that rep by going to the NFL, but look how many of his former players are in the NFL now. He will make whatever school he goes to good, “basketball school” or not. It is looking like he will be a Gator yet again.

Spurrier to UNC-CH was a pipe dream, about as likely as Kryziewski to Charlotte…

[b]about as likely as Kryziewski to Charlotte[/b]

Whose pipe dream is that? I don’t want that rat coaching our program, or any of his cronies. I’m well-informed on his accolades, but I can’t stand him and his antics. Give me Lutz any day of the week and twice on gamedays.

[b]about as likely as Kryziewski to Charlotte[/b]

I wouldn’t take him if he wanted to come, I want Lutz.