OT: GW misses chance to upset Wake Forest

Paul Score 25, leads Deacs in 2nd half

Also, that GAME FLOW chart is really cool. Roll your mouse over it and it will give you the score at various times in the game. Macromedia Flash 4 TEH W1N!

Damn that is cool.

Hopefully GW can build on that game and have the successful season predicted for them.

Really too bad that the NIT people did that to the Colonials. GW gets Wake in the first round, while VCU played American. Should have been Wake vs. VCU or American and GW vs. American or VCU in the first round. C’est la vie!

[i]Originally posted by NormanNiner[/i]@Nov 16 2004, 11:02 AM [b] Damn that is cool. [/b]
Yeah it is.. does ESPN do that for all games that have teams in the top 25 or something?

I was at the game, GW will be very good this year. They really hung in with Wake till about the 3 minute mark. They play very good defense, especially aon Paul forcing him into turnovers he usually doesn’t make. GW shot the ball great from 3 land and really hit the offensive boards well. The final score was not indicitive as to how close the game was. GW had several busloads of students that came don’t to support their team, which was nice to see. They all had Yellow Foam Colonial hats(I snagged one) The Wake student section was impressive numbering around 3,000 with all of them wearing their wake tie dyed shirts and they were very loud. The rest of the crowd was late arriving which I’m sure pissed off Posser. At tip off it was alittle over half full and didn’t fill up till the 10 minute mark of the first half.

Wake looked deserving of their high ranking and should be able to win the NIT.

Good observations Jimmy. After my love for the Niners, I definently love Wake Forest since I grew up in Winston. I have lost track of how many Deamon Deacon games I have attended over the years. Prosser definently gets pissed by the late crowd. Wake is going to a tough team to beat this year but my biggest obsrevation was they still look terrible on defense.

I would love to see Halton get like the Joel and be as loud reguarly. Of course the high ranking, and national exposure does that.

I agree, improved defense will be the key to Wakes success. They did manage to hold GW to under 40% shooting. If they do that consistantly they will go far. They still need to get better at defending the 3(much like the niners) and they need to get better on the defensive boards.

The GW fan also had foam hachets(or axes) they waved, have we every had foam Pick axes??? That might me a cool thing for the marketing depatment to do this year.

[i]Originally posted by Jimmyhat49er[/i]@Nov 16 2004, 03:42 PM [b] have we every had foam Pick axes??? [/b]
yep, a long time ago. i have two in my room at home

No Wake student tickets are left for the rest of the season. The students that go are part of a pep group. You pay money to join and get first crack at tickets, and they got them all.

Things we should do to be more like Wake…

  1. Go to Pre Season NIT. How do you get invited to this thing anyway? I blame Judy Rose. She cant be pullling her weight as far as the schedule goes.

  2. Get a better sound system. And with that play actual music during timeout. Wake doesnt play ‘Call Me Al’ three times a game. And would it be to hard to have the cheerleaders go into the aisles and cheer with the fans, especially for TV games?

  3. Get a better student fan group. My biggest complaint on this list would be about Gang Green and how bad they SUCK!

These are all little things that need to be accomplished. Ask the question, Do better fans make a better team, or does a better team make better fans? Weve got a hail of a team. But as for the fans (present company excluded) they are a little behind.

I would like to see us come with something where everyone would either wear green or a universal shirt for everyone to wear. I may be alone on this but I like the tie dye idea that Wake has done. I would like to see us come up with something that would suit us well. I know Michigan State has done that in the past. I don’t see the frats giving up their shirts though.

[i]Originally posted by switchfoot[/i]@Nov 18 2004, 10:28 PM [b] I don't see the frats giving up their shirts though. [/b]
screw the damn frat boys. they shouldnt be allowed in the lower level anyways. they only show up for "big games" and even then they dont wear green

I agree with you. I don’t want to step on people’s toes on this but I think the lower level student seats except for the band, women’s team it should be first come, first serve. Why should the frats get their own section? Yes I know it’s “group” seating but give me a break, from what I have seen it is mostly frats over the past 3 years