OT: Illini are fed up with ACC crap also...

After beating Northwestern for their 18 straight win, Illini coach Bruce Weber said to the effect ‘…Now what are all the ESPN expert’s going to talk about after Wake just beat North Carolina…’?

Yes, Illinois is tired of all the media hype of UNC-Ch when their the ones #1 in the AP and with an 18 game win streak.


Everyone not in the ACC is tired of ESPN. Every year they get worse in their biases in all sports. It is to the point where the anchors and talk guys are on there to promote themselves more than they are to promote the sports they are covering. Stephen A. Smith got on there and yelled for a year or two and now he’s getting his own show, and every 5 minutes during football season Sean Salsbury is mad at someone in one of the 84 “Fact or Fiction”, “Six Pack”, “Take Your Pick”, “Truth or Dare” or “Spin The Bottle” type features. No longer is the 6 PM Sportscenter simply “Sportscenter”, it is “6PM Sportscetner with Dan Patrick” where Patrick pretends to be a tough, hard question asking reporter by making the guests feel uncomfortable(anyone else catch when he thanked Boomer Esieson by calling him the “2nd best left handed quarterback ever to wear #7”? What a dick).

College football is the one thing they still do well, Gameday is by far the best college football show on TV. ESPN 2 has good college bball halftime shows because Digger and Dickie V would never be seen on the Deuce. I think ever since SNL(back when it was worth watching) did the skit making fun of Steuart Scott ESPN got a big head and everyone is on there to make a name for themselves rather than telling us what happened in sports today.

And yes, they are all over the ACC, they probably think Maryland would be the best team in any other conference. The whole thing with Weber came from a feature they did a few days ago talking about the best coaches this year and Weber wasn’t on the list that included Roy Williams and Oliver Prunell. ESPN ran the same feature later in the day on a different halftime or something and they added Weber, so they obviously just forgot about him. Some would argue it’s pretty tough to forget the coach of the best team in the country, but that’s ESPN for you…

you mean the acc isnt the greatest thing ever?