OT: Maurice Clarrett...what a piece of work

Hard to figure out who to believe on this one, but I do think that Maurice Clarrett needs to go find a rock to live under. I’m sorry, but if you took the “benefits” willingly, you shouldn’t be able to punish the ones that gave them to you later. What a loser. I hope he never plays a meaningful down in the NFL.

Clarrett Talks

I’m sure Doug Sweeney was responsible for some of these payments.

I grew up and still am a huge Ohio State fan and know a lot about Tressel (at Ohio State and before when he was at Youngstown State)… I can tell you those allegations are completely false; no, I don’t know this for a fact but if you’ve ever heard the players talk about him or what the players or recruits family say about him, it is always in a great light. The man is epitomizes what college sports should be about…bottom line, integrity. Unfortunately, at the largest university in the US you’ll have this kind of crap come out once in a while.

Interesting, the other player to confirm these alligations was kicked off the team for drug problems…not exactly the kinds of guys most people are inclined to trust.