OT: Misery, misery, misery...

Nothing brings me greater joy in this holiday season than reading Memphis’s message board. Oh, the humanity!

I think the best read I’ve found on their boards this morning is a remark comparing critics of the program to terrorists. :ph34r:


I’m loving it. I know it hurts our RPI but screw Memphis, their idiot coach, and their moronic fans. Oh, and Merry F’in Christmas!

The funniest aspect of their board is that they move ANY thread criticizing Calipari, Tommy West (their fb coach), or their program in general to the smack board. Some moderators over there need to take off the blue shades.

They haven’t been over here in awhile. Wonder why.


It couldn’t happen to a more deserving bunch.



Merry Christmas Memphis, guess you guys were naughty this year.
Nothing but Coalipari in your stockings.