OT: Note to Ticket Office

Can we please put fans from the visiting teams in their own section(s)? It irks me that our own fans get corner seats while the visiting fans are in 221-223. Yes, I know they paid more for this particular game’s ticket, but putting them in the middle of the Niner fans is not a good idea. St.Louis fans (namely fan) were intentionally obnoxious last year and Rutger’s fans were the same last night. Sometime, someday, there is going to be an “incident” when one of the fans says the wrong thing about the other’s team. When the visiting fans are in their own section, it isn’t as likely to happen. All we have to do when they call to get tickets is ask them which team they are with/for? If a visiting fan lies about it, we whoop their … :hammer: Seriously, this is an issue that needs to be looked at. There was some jawing going on between the fans last night, and it wasn’t nice how-do-you-do’s. John and his staff have done a great job the last two years for us, and I hope it continues. This issue just continues to annoy this season-ticket holder, and I hope it can be addressed.

as long as they don’t throw a beer at clt, clt will remain out of their section.

[i]Originally posted by cltniners[/i]@Nov 23 2004, 02:48 PM [b] as long as they don't throw a beer at clt, clt will remain out of their section. [/b]
we sell season tickets?