OT: Over/ Under for SLU vs Memphus

I would not be suprised to see the Over / Under for the SLU vs Memphus game be less than 100.

Who do the Niners want? Cripes, pick your poision.

St. Louis without a doubt.

Memphis is a dangerous team and they’re on their home floor.

I’m already scared about the Memphis game. This is their only opportunity to go to the NCAA’s, so they will try to win it out.

IF we play Memphis i’ll bet we’re the underdog. Like I said before,the boys in vegas do lines for a living. If you look at the lines at our last couple of games…10 point 'dog vs. Louisville and “only” -6 at USF…maybe they are telling us something we don’t want to face!

If we play mymphlis we will be at least 5-7 point dogs.

Against Memphis we’ll be even or a one point underdog. Against SLU, we’ll be a 10-11 point favorite. I think I’ll take my chances with the Bilikens given the choice.