OT: Party 49ers?


I had no idea this site existed until now.



Yeah, heard about this site from friends awhile ago, just never remembered to check it out.

Damn, I miss college. Being alumni sucks. :frowning:

yeah i’m on that message board and it has a lot of drama. Like more than any of you would ever like.

Explain drama??? This looks pretty awesome. I miss those days.

like internet drama. People getting pissed off about stuff posted on the internet and then it gets out of control. people are more into there internet alter egos where they just think it is funny pissing people off on the internet instead of being normal. its just a gay site. i was maniac49er on the website. I used to be on there a lot so i would know. I called people out on their shadyness and they got pissed at me. So i left the site and don’t post on it as much any more. Like i’ve posted on it maybe 15 times in the last 4 months.