OT: Reggie Theus = nice OOC for NM State

The hiring of former UofL assistant Reggie Theus by New Mexico State is paying off for the Aggies in their 2005-06 OOC as they make the jump from the Sun Belt to the WAC:

SI.com: Theus will debut at UCLA

2004-05 RPIs:
New Mexico (Mountain West) #67
Texas Tech (Big XII) #28
UCLA (PAC-10) #38
UTEP (C-USA) #33

Will be interesting to see how he does there. Spent about 4 months there a few years ago on biz and lived with some NMSU students while I did (“Old School” style, heh).
No one seemed to care much about the basketball games, although I think Henson was sick that year. Arena is fairly dumpy and the town isn’t anything special…not many kids want to go to the middle of the desert to play ball, methinks.

Theus has already picked up transfers from Kansas State (starting shooting guard Fred Pete) and Utah (starting forward Justin Hawkins) and may end up with Lorenzo Wade from UofL as well. NMSU is also embarking upon a $23 million renovation of the Pan Am Center. Apparently there are some kids who don’t mind being out in the middle of nowhere! :lol: