OT: USF wins C-USA Trn?

It appears the hottest team in C-USA right now is not Memphus, but USF. If USF beats Memphus today, I’m betting on them to take the trny. Wow!

GO NINERS! Please!?

I’m not quite ready to walk out on that limb yet. CBS is sweating it out today, a Louisville-South Florida game isn’t too appealing to the country. The Bulls lost to the Cardinals in Louisville on February 12, 65-57.

I enjoyed watching USF play against us in Tampa and last night vs Cincy. They made a lot of solid plays in the 2nd half last night to put away the Bearcats… similar to how they held us off in Tampa… they just didn’t make many screw-ups.

With that being said, the SunDome experience last week ranked second worse to niner away venues I have seen behind that Asheville visit last season. They are very fortunate to be moving to the big east from what i saw.

I’m going out on a short limb to say it will be Louisville vs Memphis and will definitely have to root for the Cardinals since they are defectors! GO DEFECTORS!



Yes it is alarming that USF pulled one over on the Charlotte leadership in the conf realignment to BE. Incredible. Incompetence like that is really hard to fathom.