OT: WOOOOOO! Flair & son go off

I know that some members here have selected Ric Flair as an unofficial 49ers mascot. Here is a story, stolen from another board about events that took place Friday when his son wrestled in the conference tournament. :lol:

[b]the nature boy was in taylorsville friday and saturday for his son's western 4-a wrestling touney. his son, reid, was in the final 4 winners when all hell broke loose. it started when reid slammed his opponent into the score table after the ref's whistle had blown. this got the south meck coach pissed and he got in reid's face. the match ended in a tie and went to overtime. that ended in a tie in front of the south meck coach who said something to reid and reid blew him a kiss!!! when this settled down we go to the 2nd overtime and with 10 seconds to go the south meck kid scored the hard fought win. now the fun starts, the winner gets up and does the flair wooooooooooo and strut in front of reid!!! reid spears him and carries him 10 to 15 yards and slams him down and all hell breaks out. ric runs in and had to pull his kid out . the younger flair in ejected and ric is thrown out along with a few fans. it carries over to the parking lot where i was told flair was going nuts!!!! threating to sue alexander county for 20 million!!!!!!! pretty cool for my 1st taste of high school wrestling!!!![/b]

Surely thatโ€™s not true.

Iโ€™m pretty sure we donโ€™t have to worry about that happening to Judy

And this is the guy someone mentioned (jokingly I hope) as our AD? Hell, heโ€™s got my vote. He could body slam the crappy refs we seem to be getting on a regular basis lately. B)

[i]Originally posted by UNCCTF[/i]@Feb 14 2005, 01:31 PM [b] Surely that's not true. [/b]
Flair got into a scuffle in the lobby of a Charlotte hotel last year and some guy showed him the hard way just how fake wrestling is by knocking him out by the elevators.