Ouch, ouch, ouch and DAMN!

[QUOTE]The Seahawks are [B]guaranteed 11 games on television[/B] this season, and [B]at least seven will be broadcast locally on Time Warner Cable[/B]. Various ESPN channels are airing the other games, and it’s possible some will be picked up as well. And of course, ESPN will broadcast the CAA Tournament final.[/QUOTE]

Source: [URL=http://starnewsonline.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20061112/NEWS/611080436/-1/SPORTS07][B]Ten questions facing the UNCW basketball team[/B][/URL], Wilmington Star-News

More than we get.

oh wow…

I’m glad the N Texas game wasn’t televised.


they are a fun team to watch. they have played very hard and well for wainwright, brownell and now moss. losing goldsberry will be tough but im sure they have someone already there or waiting in the wing to make an imediate impact.

[QUOTE=BiscuitPants04;198364]they are a fun team to watch.[/QUOTE]
But our students wear strange symbols on non-school colored jerseys when they are on TV. :hammer:

I feel better now.

if we make a run we can get the same pub. it happens. success is rewarded. now, we need the success. look, one good game against GW last year got us a nationally televised game. (hopefully the indiana and cuse games will be picked up)