Our own board!

I would love to welcome everybody who dreams of the day when OUR university plays on the fields of Autumn to this, our very own board.

I hope that the naysayers and basketball ONLIES will drop in and talk to us deluded people from time to time. We love to hear doom and gloom as much as possible.

Don’t forget that just because we few have a true passion for football that we are all Niners fans and support the Athletic Department and all our many current teams.

We’re all Niners here, but we’d love to hear from fans of other football schools so tell us about your teams or just make fun of us for not having football!

Once again I would like to thank the moderators for adding this board, rest assurd that when our benevolent overlords see a demand, they fill it!

:thumbsup: :toast: :thumbsup: :toast: :thumbsup: :toast: