Our Possessions in the Last 6:41

I still can’t believe it happend so I was curious to know exactly how it happened. So I went to the Tivo to find out … am I sadistic or what ?!!

0 Points, 0-7, 3 turnovers, 3 missed 3’s, 1 block, 1 charging call

Number of times Curt touched the ball - 2 (the miss and the block, though it looked like we were trying to get it to him but Mitchell couldn’t. Do we have anyone who can feed the post besides Plav?)

ej from top of key 2-3 feet beyond 3 pt line, early in the shot clock
curt 12 footer fall away off the glass
plav 3 from the corner
eddie stripped of ball from under the basket - ball goes off eddie’s knee, turnover
eddie from 3 on the wing
Attempt at alley oop, turnover
EJ tries to force the ball to Curt, turnover
EJ fall away jumper from free throw line extended (don’t know why he shot it as a fall away, no one was on him)
Curt blocked on dunk attempt, lost possesion
Eddie called for charging
Mitchell misses 3 pointer

Mitch’s shot did not look like a 3-pt to me, looked like it would have only been worth 2 if he hit it anyway.

[i]Originally posted by Powerbait[/i]@Jan 29 2005, 04:19 PM [b]Mitch's shot did not look like a 3-pt to me, looked like it would have only been worth 2 if he hit it anyway.[/b]
I didn't see it, so I can't really say either way, but from ESPN's play-by-play recap:

0:01 Mitchell Baldwin missed Two Point Jumper

Well, it’s one game, hopefully the team will shrug it off and move on. We can’t let this game stay with us. They responded well to the Cincy loss, hopefully we can get angry and start winning big.

His feet were on the line when it left his hands which I don’t get. If you need a 3 to tie, why even chance being that close to the line? If it goes in, we’re still 14-4. If we had been down 2 points, then I can understand having Mitch bring the ball all the way to the perimeter for a potential driving layup/foul. But in that situation, Plav or Eddie should have been shooting a 3 for the tie, even if the defense was expecting them too. Plav has never had a problem shooting with someone in his face so I’m a little surprised we didn’t run a better designed play because Mitch’s shot was a lose-lose situation.

I agree, but you know, saying that means you questioned coach, which we’re not supposed to do, remember?

Mitch was looking for someone to pop open for the ball. Nobody was around the 3 point line. The two-point shot does suck though. How bad would it suck if he made it??

[i]Originally posted by BigTimeNiner[/i]@Jan 29 2005, 04:41 PM [b] Nobody was around the 3 point line. [/b]
That tends to be a problem when you're down three points with just a few seconds left. I haven't watched the replay yet but I hope ECU just had our shooters completely smothered so that I feel a little better about that final play.

So why did we not call a time out and set up the last shot? We had one, didn’t we? I mean, get to the half court line, call time out, and at least we cam get a decent play off.

You have to love the decision making. When we are down 2 at home ,we go for 3 pointers for the win. When we are down 3 on the road we go for a 2 pointer for the loss. Its a brilliant game plan. Its amazing what happens when curtis actually gets the ball. Too bad we forgot that right after he scored like 12 straight points. We should be running teams out of the gym. And we are barely beating scrubby teams. Its gonna catch up with us in the conference usa tourney then in the ncaa tourney. I say we go out in the second round as usual.

I know we’re all tired of debating our loss to ECU and what not, but I have to chime in. This thread, first of all, might be thread of the year.
I say this because in every game we’ve had, we have a series of possessions just like this. I’ve watched a good amount of games this season and it’s weird, because I see teams doing the same thing (taking early 3s, tossing alley-oops when down by 1, etc) - but they convert.

So I’m not sure what’s going on - if it’s a lack of defense during these periods, bad shot selection, a lack of talen/ability to convert or a combo of all of them. But it stinks - these periods are the difference between us being undefeated and elite and 14-4. If this was Louisville vs. ECU, they would have hit a few of those 3s and that alley-oop woulda been a highlight.

I’m not sure if coaching makes the difference (doubtful), talent, athleticism, conditioning or what…but I know that if we get this fixed before the end of the season, we’re as good of a team as almost any I’ve seen so far.

This year it is Illinois and every one else, pretty much.