Out of state NINERS roll call

Just curious and wanted to see how many posters on here do not live in North Carolina. Post here is you a Niner living in another state, and tell us where you are. I always think it’s cool when I hear about someone who has moved to Maines or Colorodo or soemthing like that but they still follow Niners hoops

Painfully obvious.

I’ve lived in Michigan all my life except for the 4 great years in Charlotte. I wanted some independence for college and also played on the Niners tennis team and wanted to do it somewhere warm !! I loved Charlotte but wanting to be close to family ultimately made me decide to move back to Michigan. I throw down the bucks every year for ESPN Full Court just so I can watch the few games we are on and my goal is to never miss the Niners again when they are in the dance … I’ve been to the last 3.

i was born and raised in Charlotte. Lived there for 35 years. then i had to move to Charlottesville, VA where i live now. i’ve been here 8 years, but i would love to move back to NC someday. probably when i retire.

Atlanta. I moved to Atlanta in 2003 for a good job opportunity. I am still a season ticket holder and still have lots of friends/alums in Charlotte who love the Niners. If you think the Niners are hard to follow in Charlotte, it’s doubly hard to follow them here. I don’t have Full Court due to $$$, but I try to get to as many sports bars as possible and I also try to drive up for as many games as possible.

Atlanta is a much different city than Charlotte. While Charlotte is much nicer and newer, Atlanta is older, dirtier, more crowded and a lot bigger. However, it is the place to be in the southeast for business. It’s cheap to fly out of Atlanta and it’s also relatively cheap to live here as well when compared to the North or California.

For you young folks though, the social scene is out of this world compared to Charlotte. There is a huge influx of SEC girls since most SEC schools are in college towns and you have so many more places and faces to see that it never gets boring. If you are single, Atlanta would be a great place to just pick up and come to since nobody is really from here.

Anyway, my heart is still in Charlotte and I may be moving back in the near future because no matter what if you are a banker in the southeast, Charlotte is the place to be…

Oh and I hate the Falcons…go Panthers!

Greenville, SC

My wife and I are both alums and we live in Christiansburg VA (next to Blacksburg where Virginia Tech is located). We are season tickets holders and have not missed a weekend game this year, although the weekday games are tough due to the 2.5 hour drive back. We moved here 1.5 years ago for my wife to take a job at Tech and while we like some aspects about living here, we never pass up a chance to come to Charlotte to see friends or Charlotte basketball. Hopefully we will end up back in that area one day so I can go to ALL of the games!!!

Appleton, WI

Canton, CT

I graduated in 1987 and again in 1989, moving to CT for a job that same year.

I have traveled to every game played in the Northeast since then (including heartbreakers to Iowa State and UNCbut have never been to Halton.

The television and sports bars here suck in terms of carrying anything in Conference USA. If it is not on ESPN or ESPN2, I don’t see it.

We get a ton of Big Least, A-10, and even MAAC games on TV but never get the ESPN+ games picked up.

I have repeatedly been entrenched in the local sports bars with lunch, beer and a single tv with no sound (drowned out by other games) during the NCAAs, only to have them change the channel to another game that is already on other tvs because I get outvoted by Big Least a-holes. Nobody will even try to get you a game off the satelites unless there are a number of interested people.

I wish I knew of other fans in CT and Western MA that I could hook up with at a sportsbar to give me some strength in numbers.

I moved to Murrieta CA December 20th…2 days after graduation. I’m moving to the Long Beach/ Orange county area within the next few weeks. I can’t wait to get over there cause there is an ESPN Zone in Anaheim next to Disney Land where I can go to see the Niner games. It will also be fun to sport the Charlotte 49er gear in Long Beach…and watch the 9ers beat the left coast 9ers next year.

Met my wife while at Charlotte. She was from here and the rest is history. I am now a Mardi Gras, Crawfish and LSU guru.

I graduated in December 2002, and have worked in Corona California for a little over a year.

Northwest Georgia mountains.

Knoxville, Tennessee, since 1998.

Grew up in Charlotte, Graduated 1981; moved to Atlanta in 1988, to Knoxville ten years later. All moves were business related.

As NinerAdvocate could tell you, this is Big Orange Country…Football rules. SEC rules. Can’t get any Niner coverage except when we play a top 25 school. NA, I no longer go to Bailey’s, because it’s become bad luck…we never win when I go there to watch a Niner game. Too bad, because they have all the games all the time, with decent food, especially for a Sports Bar.

My wife’s sister lives in Cincy. I have a good natured rivalry with them, and was there last year when we won. I try to go to weekend games when I can, but can only make 1-2 a year in Charlotte. Playing UNC-A was nice, as it was nearby. I’m 4-0 in my most recently attended games (including Cincy last year). If anyone wants to sponsor me as a good luck charm in the postseason…

Alright!!! So I’m not the only one out here on the Left Coast. Living in Hollywood area for 3 and a half years now. Class of '95. Went to that Long Beach game a couple seasons ago with another alum when we put 100 up on 'em. Sat in the second row of the Pyramid (California-style) right behind Mrs.Lutz and little Lutz. About 12-15 49er-backers there at the time. If I see you next season 007, that number seems destined to increase. Orange County guy. Hope things are going well for you out here, and for our Corona man as well. I’m sure to run into you guys next season.

In Richmond for the past three years. Moved up here after graduating for Charlotte to work for a NC bank. Left that bank and now working for another bank. Will hopefully get back to NC someday. Will actually get to see move live bball games once we move to the A-10. Really grateful to 49erAlumnus for the hospitality over the last couple of years.

What? VA, you left ‘our’ bank? Say it aint so!


[i]Originally posted by Iron9er[/i]@Jan 23 2005, 07:28 PM [b] What? VA, you left 'our' bank? Say it aint so!

:wink: [/b]

Yea, check your PM. Gone to another one that will soon be seen in NC.

As the username implies, I’m in the Windy City. Grew up in Charlotte and have followed the Niners for 30 years. I was there when we last went to the Final Four, was there when our record home winning streak at the Mine Shaft was broken, and have survived 7 Niner coaches (Foster, Rose, Pratt, Wissell, Mullins, Watkins, and now Lutz). Thank God for Internet broadcasts and message boards :slight_smile:

Ft. Mill as of a few weeks ago!! (Ok…I know Ft. Mill doesn’t really count but it’s officially out of state)