Pacific LX Series drum set (wood finish)

I’ve had this drumset for several years now, but it is still in pretty good shape. I haven’t been able to play it for a few years since i’ve moved out of the house. Everything it came with is still there…plus a few others [font=arial][size=small]Zildjian[/size][/font] cymbals that I own (along with the stands). The drumheads are still in good shape as well. (link) sells the cherry fade finish kit new for $999.99 without cymbals and stands.

I would like to get $750 for my kit (5 piece), along with the cymbals and stands.

This is a nice deal. If I didn’t have a wedding to pay for, I’d be all over this.

I used to own one of these kits in blue/black fade. Rock solid set of drums.

Yeah it’s a good kit for sure, just don’t have any time to play it.