Parking For App

I know most of the people here are seat license holders, but if you are not, you need to purchase your parking pass RIGHT NOW. As you guys know, the good lots aren’t available for single game anyway, but I would be stunned if parking doesn’t sell out for this one.

Related, I don’t know what students are gonna do. There certainly isn’t going to be enough room in the silver lot, where they were supposed to go. Thanks Dubois.

clt may go golfing during this game and follow on stat tracker

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Wait, so which is the actual silver lot? The one near the lightrail station (which is Red on the map) or the lot by the health center?

Where do you guys recommend I park where the most fun is?

I will be home pretending the game doesn’t exist but I’m sure I will sense the ass whooping as it is happening. I will jump on the message board an hour or so after the game in hopes of finding news of Brad’s firing/resigning as a huge part of the aftermath of the worst loss in school history occurring at home in front of a record crowd.

I’ll be light railing in

I got my single game purple deck pass yesterday.

Interior Orange deck, bitches, all season long!!! Park and go. No distracting tailgating for me. It’s all about the game. :sunglasses:

Most Saturdays I think I’m gonna light rail in when unable to tailgate. I’ll let y’all know experiences/best practices. I’m sure the deck right off JW Clay is going to be extremely regulated.

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I wonder if they will have shuttle service from the campus light rail station to the tailgate lots. It’d be a bit of a hike with a cooler from light rail to Blue Lot, for example.

These guys should cut a deal to be the “Official Pedicab of the Charlotte 49ers” and ferry people and their coolers back and forth.

@emf, what do you do with your cooler when you go into the game?

Details, details :stuck_out_tongue: I guess leave it in a friend’s car?

Will there still be beer in this cooler? I could be your friend! :slight_smile: