Part One of Moxley Q&A up on NR

[FONT=Arial][SIZE=2]Part one of my interview with Coach Moxley is now up on NinerReport. Part One is free and here is the link.[/SIZE][/FONT]


Very well done as always Tim. Cant wait to check out part II

Really interesting to read about what other teams our players were recruited by, and what we showed them and talked about on their visits to Charlotte.

Part II is up now. Again, some really good stuff in there. He talks about leaving for MD and coming back, how recruiting is different between conferences, Bobby and the coaches’ reactions to not making the tourney, how football would help, how some recruiting rules are put in place to help the elite schools, and how interested Rajon Rondo was in us. Really good interview.

link to part 2?

[QUOTE=earlyniner;412294]link to part 2?[/QUOTE]