Partnership With Tailgate Guys

Charlotte 49ers have partnered up with Tailgate Guys for "turnkey, premium tailgate services. " Premium tailgate items and services, including a bellhop service, turnkey setup & takedown, high peak tents, and more for groups as small as five guests to large-scale events hosting 1,000-plus guests.

Looks like they had a good relationship with Hill down in Gainsville.

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clt says this will be perfect for folks that want to take the light rail (if working) and not carry things to stadium


I like the move and hope it means we’ll see even more tents and people tailgating. Every move that improves the atmosphere is worth it.

Wonder how this will affect the Alumni Pavilion?

Not a whole lot I’d imagine. Tailgate Guys setups are pretty expensive from what I see online. They even have bellhop service and parking, and a lot of their packages don’t include food. They’re more for the big business guys that Hill will be bringing in or sororities/frats/other groups to have reunions. Definitely a good thing though.

I don’t think this will affect attendance at the Pavilion. The Tailgate Guys is a great option, but it can be costly. The Tailgate Guys direct website with Charlotte do not show pricing, but I did a little research and it looks like packages start between $400-600 and go up to $10k+. A party of 5 can spend a total of $125 for the Pavilion (all-inclusive) vs $500 plus not including drinks or food. Although pricey, I think it is a great option to have…personally I can see myself using this service for special games or celebrations where a bigger set up is needed.

The types of people/entities that use these will also be the ones most likely to get suites. It’s good to see Hill building these relationships.

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I’m sure Mike Hill has a few folks already in mind for a service like this. You are exactly right Chidave, suites are coming!!!

I hope they fly Niner flags.

I like having many options. Wasn’t there a story a couple of months ago about some promotional deal with Hendrick Honda that was going to be announced? I bought a Honda from them in March, and they told me they host a tailgate at the Panthers games and invite their customers with food and fun (no alcohol, so you decide how fun that is), but I hope they are doing something similar with us.

clt bets they have the fancy sloppy joe.

and dijon ketchups!

I wonder if opposing teams’ Alumni orgs or Booster Clubs will be able to purchase these larger packages when they come to visit?

Noteworthy that they are using just the C-pick, not the C-49ers logo. They also only work with 4 other G5 programs: Colorado State, UCF, USF & UConn.

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clt says we are in the same league as the defending national champs!


Men’s and Women’s Basketball tailgates next to me so I will be curious to see if they use this service as a way to get the relationship started.

Mike Hill said during interview at Fan Fest that sales are going well (outpacing an unnamed Big X school at this point) and that they have expressed interest in expanding their area. Also reiterated this is not only for “big donors” but is ideal for groups that want to take Light Rail and tailgate.