Pat Forde list Niners as a "B" team

Charlotte (3): Another team that probably figured a win in Assembly Hall would do more for its resume. The 49ers are No. 94 in the Daily RPI, but do own a road win over No. 49 UAB. Six of their next eight games are against top-60 opponents. Never too early for ‘B’ word

That’s a good assesment right now. But we’ve got our chances ahead of us, win the games we should and get some “upsets” and we will finish with an RPI at least in the top 60. And sitting in the top 3 in the CUSA with a few big conference wins(home and road), we will be in.

Also, there’s no way a team ranked in the top 30 will be left out of the tournament, keep up what we’ve been doing and we will be fine. Too early to worry about being on the bubble, just keep winning games and we’ll be fine by the time mid-March gets here.