Paul Carter - 2008 pf

6’8, 195 (Im sure Preston could slap 20+ pounds of muscle on him), attends Missouri State West Plains.

Has offers from CHARLOTTE, Wyoming, Baylor, and Minnesota. Minn seems to be the leader right now, but anything can happen.

Why does this name seem so familiar? Hmmm… :rolleyes:

Paul Carter - 2008 F (JUCO)

well at least he would have 3 years of eligiblity instead of the normal two for a JUCO

Why does this name seem so familiar? Hmmm... :rolleyes:

[B][URL=]Paul Carter - 2008 F (JUCO)[/URL][/B]

aaagggh! haha sorry. I knew he had been talked about on the board, but I must have just overlooked the thread. OOPS!