penner & mac

clt had to lsten to am earlier this afternoon. clt checked out penner & mac. that show stinks.

Are they the fellas that are on 610? I heard them about an hour ago…apparently the city of Charlotte has basketball fever…but not for the Bobcats…ACC basketball fever. Then they talked about Carolina for an hour.

The novelty wore off for me awhile back. Both of them sound like they’ve been sucking on helium too long. I can tolerate Sandy, for his bottomless pit of sports knowledge if nothing else, but Mac is like nails on a chalk board. He’s horrible.

I used to love Czaban and Penner back a few years ago. Now I listen to czaban on fox in the morning. Too bad Penner’s new show is so bad, he is really talented.

Penner and Mac at least are Niner fans, unlike the morons on Packer’s show. They play basketball with Lake49er most every Wednesday night and he said they’re pretty cool.

Packman was giving the 9ers props today. Of course no one calls in wanting to talk about the 9ers so all the Chapel Hill fans are calling in and talking about how good they are.

it is amazing how chapel hill fans come out of the closet. they are like cockroaches.

check that, i dont want to insult cockroaches.