Pepsi shindig in Halton arena

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<!--QuoteBegin-stonecoldken[/i]@May 26 2005, 05:04 PM [b] Unless you're donating to a Law School, Pharmacy School, Med. School, or Football, then all other donations don't gain us nat'l prestige, & are therefore meaningless. Dale Halton has never given to any of these 4 causes at UNCC. [/b]

We have found Darth gamer’s apprentice. [/b][/quote]
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Get your name on a building then call Dale Halton out. You think we would be considered prestigious on a national level if we were still playing at Cricket Arena?

Which of the things you’ve listed have you given to?

The Sac was built by Student Fees. I know, I paid 8 semesters worth, & got 1 semester’s worth of use.
Call it the Student Arena. And I’ve stated before, Dale Halton didn’t give anything, Pepsi did. Using her name is insulting to Pepsi shareholders.

Her money went for the arena, or shall we say the naming rights. Student fees went to the rest of the building, the Barnhart Student Activity Center.

For the record, I paid for 2 toilets in the unisex bathroom and donated to the Jeff Mullins locker room. My name is on the wall in fine print.

Dale Halton is Class! I wish she would run for the Senate.

[i]Originally posted by stonecoldken[/i]@May 26 2005, 06:05 PM [b] And I've stated before, I didn't give anything, my mom and dad did. Using my name is insulting to parents everywhere. [/b]

Way to misquote.