Petition: Nickname/Mascot change

Other schools have better reasons to be called the 49ers. We need a name that we have an indisputable claim to:

The Charlotte 8/9ers!

And don’t stop there. Norm needs a mediocrity makeover too. Lose the miner hat & clothes, and give him a toy gun so he can shoot himself in the foot everytime he takes a step forward!

It’s 12 hours later and not one ounce of disgust has left me. Alcohol isn’t enough. I need a good, high cliff, or a pillow & some train tracks. Better yet, I think I’ll go play in traffic.

We need to get rid of the Norm statue and replace it with this:

“Love” hurts NA. Which most posters on this board are hard core Niners. I don’t know much but my head is killing me. I could not tell if it was from the hang over or from eating depressants like skittle. Or, may be it was both. I like the old Niner mascot the early 80’s one. He did have a pipe and a cool looking six shooter. Whether he will shoot himself in the foot or not is another story. But, the game last night did kill my head this morning.

[i]Originally posted by NinerAdvocate[/i]@Mar 6 2005, 07:24 AM [b] It's 12 hours later and not one ounce of disgust has left me. [/b]
I thought I'd feel better this morning but in reality, I feel worse. I think I was in denial last night but today, I'm sickened. We honestly deserve to lose to Memphis and be placed in the 8/9 game. In my opinion, losing to USF warrants that and there is nothing anyone here can say to justify last night's result....nothing.

We have GOT to win on Thursday or we’re seriously staring another 1-and-done in the Big Dance right in the face. I think we can still salvage a 6 or 7 seed but it’s going to take some work this week.

Agree loss still stings, as the worst thing for me was dropping out of the polls

AND the lack of effort

Who wants it worse, the players or the fans?

I think we know the answer from the comments posted…

[SIZE=4]H E A R T[/SIZE] comes from within.