Phil Mushnick calls out ESPN for what it really is

Mushnick 8/9/2004 column

Phil Mushnick, my new sports hero.

…“That’s because we no longer target sports fans of all ages, but young, impressionable and even dim-witted dudes, ages 8 to 25.”

…“SportsCenter merely uses sports as viewer-bait. SportsCenter now exists primarily as an infomercial, its anchors and reporters reduced to barkers and shills.”

I know I’m about sick of the anchor that says, “Say hello to my little friend”. Can’t this guy come up with his own catch phrase rather than borrowing it from a movie?

My point, exactly.

clt only watches pti and sportsnation (when czarniak is hosting)

if clt wants a sports recap, clt watches espnews

boo yahhh/////

Some people have said she looks like an alien (some of her publicity shots do), but I like her.

clt can endorse her. she is no pam ward, but who is?