Philly area Niners?

So here I am in Plymouth Meeting for a second job interview. I’m wondering if there are any Niners that live in the area and can give me their opinions on everything from costs and what you do and do not like about the area.

My wife and I currently live in Virginia, in a small town, but we want to get back to a city for our careers as well as for entertainment etc.



Stephen, contact Nick McEntire in Alumni Affairs, 800/745-8622. He should be able to give you the names of a few people in the area.

I used to live close to Philly in Delaware… so I guess that doesn’t help. GO PHILLIES! YEAH! (die you damn Braves… just die.)

Philly is garbage and so are their fans. At least the Braves have the most classy organization in baseball.

something tells me you haven’t ever been to Philadelphia so I’ll let that pass because your ignorance is worthless. I will admit however that the Braves must be a decent clubhouse based on the fact that they can keep (good) players i.e. Smoltz and Chipper for long durations, and of course win the division constantly… until now. But I still will constantly hate the braves no matter how bad they are for the rest of my life, so I repeat Die braves, just die.

While these guys bicker about the braves and philles I will answer your question I think your asking.

I am a younger niner fan still in school here but grew up in Allentown, PA bout an hr north of where you are at right now. If your raising a family/want to raise a family, you cant beat it. So much going on so many places within a close area.

I would be careful on where to settle though. Some areas are nicer than others/more expensive. More and more people are flocking to that area of PA to escape New York and New Jersey if that tells you anthing.

Uhhh, the braves are dead or dying at least, oh crap, miracle comeback…maybe?

I have been to Philly and my comments stand. Call me what you will, but you’ve gotta be blind if you think it’s a world class city…

Philly is garbage and so are their fans. At least the Braves have the most classy organization in baseball.

having been to 19 professional ballparks and 3 world series, philly fans are some of the most intense i’ve seen. everyone was wearing red and cheering their team. i was impressed. it was a good day at the park. however, if you catch a game, i’d suggest cheering for the phillies.

philly is old and that can make it seem a little shady, but i liked it.