Pistons showing defense wins...

Anyone else surprise at how well the Pistons have played? I really like their chances to win the next two and end this series. What a shocker that will be.

I didn’t give them a chance before the series started. Thought the Lakers would win it in either 5, or 6 at the most. These have been some ugly, low scoring games but that does have a lot to do with how well Detroit has played defense. Hope they continue what they’re doing and win the championship. I don’t really have a dog in the fight but my wife is from Michigan and a Pistons fan so I’m rooting for them. Plus, I just like the underdog and I’m sick of the Lakers winning all the time.

Wow. Most figured the Lakers would be up 3-1 at this point. Hope the Piston wrap it up at home and shut Magic Johnson up for awhile.

If I hear the ZenBastard flap his gums any more about not getting calls, I’m going to puke. The 3 minutes of Game 3 I actually saw featured the Fakers hacking and reaching trying to create turnovers when they were down by 15-20 in the 4th quarter. You could count 2-3 fouls every time Detroit brought the ball up the court, yet none were called. I guess Phil doesn’t count those in his final tally of who’s getting calls. :baby:

I just thought it was funny to hear him whine that “the Lakers are too good to lose by 20 points to the Pistons” after that got hammered. Too bad his team can’t quite live up to his confidence (arrogance). Doesn’t always pay to load your team up with overpaid superstars (egos). A lot can be said about a fundamentally sound team with great role players and team chemistry.

I guess they were serious about defense and why Rodney was sent packing. I’ll bet he wished he’d learned/played D NOW.

I’m just amazed at the ego of the Lakers. They have been getting their heads handed to them this series and they always say “we are not doing this…we should be doing this…we this…we that.” They haven’t given the Pistons an ounce of credit for their efforts.

Every Laker not named Shaq should look like this after the drummings they’ve all took :ph34r: