Plavich Free Throws

In my opinion if you shoot 30% from the free throw line you have no business being the team captain. Teams that cant shoot free throws dont make it too far in march. I just hope we correct our free throw situation before it cost us all our games.

agree he should have made them both. I think we’ll win in OT.

agree with you UAB. he brings nothing to this team. he is a one dimensional 3 point shooter who can’t make FT’s and can’t play any defense. too bad he can’t transfer to UAB.

march lets start focus on the next game cause we are sucking it up right now

Tough for me to defend Plavich tonight and I can’t really. I wasn’t impressed with much he did in the game. He missed big free throws and his shot at the end of the 3rd OT was terrible.

I’ll defend him only because that is what Lutz drew up. He trusted Plavich with the game. I also thought Plavich played hard solid defense and is a much improved defender from last year.

I just think “that” shot is so predictable. The one where he runs baseline, catches, turns and shoots falling away with a defender in his face. Yes, sometimes it drops but that is a very low percentage shot and one of the last that I’d like to see taken at the end of a game like that. I have NO idea why we even ran that play because we had a much better chance of just taking the ball inside or at least letting Withers create a shot off the dribble.

I try to like Plavich and he has hit some HUUUUGE shots for us when we desperately needed them. But at the same time, I see him forcing shots that he just has no business taking. And when he does connect on a big 3, it’s almost inevitable that the very next trip up the court he’s shooting it again.

The free throws are inexcusable by a shooting guard. There’s no way he shouldn’t be a 90%+ free throw shooter but he has missed some incredibly big shots in our two home losses. Prior to this season, he was the guy I wanted to have the ball at the end of a tight game when we could expect to be fouled. Now I’d rather have someone else at the line.

He’ll win us some games down the road but sometimes, he’s a very frustrating player to watch.

[i]Originally posted by 49erFan1[/i]@Dec 4 2004, 11:09 PM [b] I'll defend him only because that is what Lutz drew up. [/b]
I [i]do[/i] agree with that statement, despite my post being a little critical of Plav. He's only shooting that baseline shot because he has the green light to do so.

whose fault is it that plav takes the last shot like that? It’s Lutz. He draws the play up time and time again. It’s a joke.

when the timeout was called in 3ot, with 7.6 seconds left, or something like that, i wanted to see the mitch or eddie go strong to the hoop… and Eddit did, but bama played good D there… but you gotta think… the quickest guy on the court is mitchell baldwin… he had taken it to the hoop three or four previous times, got fouled, and MADE his free throws… why not give it to him and make something happen? Is it because he’s Mitchell Baldwin and NOT Brendan Plavich? I really believe that Bobby has a hard time giving it to someone like Mitchell because he’s not our captain, or not our “go to” guy… Bobby would receive more heat from allowing Mitchell or Eddie to take the last shot instead of Brendan or Curtis. And yea, where was Curtis in the last two OT’s? He had smaller defenders on him and he was taking guys to the hole in regulation… what happened to going to our Wooden candidate?

Regarding the free throws: Plavich just sucks for some reason. I dont know why. He really has no excuse shooting 30 ft fade away 3’s (which he can hit sometimes with people draped on him) when he cant hit a free shot from 15 ft. You cannot be a senior captain and shoot less than 50% from the free throw line, I agree.

Lutz sucks worse than Plavich. I dont know why he thinks Plavich is our go to guy. He should have had Sager shoot the free throws at then end of regulation instead of Plav…and at the end of the overtimes, that baseline 3 is the worst shot I’ve even seen.


And yes, I’m yelling with the caps just like I was yelling during the game.

The play at the end wasn’t a drawn up play. Plav just happend to be who popped open and that’s who Eddie got it to.

The drawn up play out of the time out was the right call, Eddie to the hoop. However it was clear they weren’t going to give him the foul, since he was mangled and they didn’t blow their whistle. No one was open after that but Plav and he was trapped in the corner. Nothing to do but heave it.

He hit some big shots tonight and he missed some dumb ones. But his FT shooting is unexcusable. A senior, a captain and a guard have no business shooting that bad from the line.

I listened to Lutz on the post game, and for the first time I heard him come close to saying our guys need to go to Withers more.

That is a good step.

In fact Baldwin said the same thing.

I think Withers gets frustrated sometimes and then goes to “sleep”.

We need to have more Baldwin penetrating, and then dishing off to Eddie, Withers and iti.

I think we have found our PG in Baldwin.

Mitch said and I quote: “You can probably say that we should have gone to Curtis more tonight. You can probably say that about the whole year”.

Damn. Maybe Mitch should have one of those dual roles of player/coach.

I think Lutz told them after the game they should have gone to curt…

THAT is a good sign…

Curtis had 24 points in the first 32 minutes and 0 in the last 23. :blink:

[i]Originally posted by Iron9er[/i]@Dec 4 2004, 11:25 PM [b] He should have had Sager shoot the free throws at then end of regulation instead of Plav [/b]
I actually thought that was going to happen when Sager came in and Plav was inbounding. But then they switched up and Plav took the pass from Sager. In my opinion, that was a dumb move because the odds of them not fouling at that point were pretty slim. I would have hated to have seen Sager find himself in a trap but if you're going to put him in the game for the purpose of free throws, then make sure he's the one going to the line. Plavich has oddly become a free throw liability in late game situations and I'm not sure I want him getting the ball in those situations again. And I'm not too big on forcing people into that situation so they can shoot themselves out of slumps either.
[b]"You can probably say that we should have gone to Curtis more tonight. You can probably say that about the whole year".[/b]

who is at fault for this. lutz is, not the players.

Plav sucks. All of his FT misses were killers. The fact that he can’t cover his own shadow on D has been ignored because he is a “shooter”. His shot selection still sucks, and his lack of touch from the stripe is pathetic. I’d rather see Lee and Mitch as the starting backcourt. That was one of the worst 16 point performances I’ve ever seen.

Curt also killed of with his wonderful 4-9 showing from the line. He had a 5 minute span where he did nothing right after having a great first 30 minutes. His T was stupid, as was Bobby’s (Bama was 4-4 of FT’s from our T’s), and the five second call was beyond dumb.

The trip where Withers and Iti combined to miss 4 ft’s tells you everything you need to know about this team.

[i]Originally posted by s9er[/i]@Dec 5 2004, 12:09 AM [b] His T was stupid, as was Bobby's (Bama was 4-4 of FT's from our T's), and the five second call was beyond dumb.


Yes, the 5 second call was a brain lapse at a bad time. Bobby should have recognized that the ref was counting and Curt was just standing there and called a timeout.