Players Leaving/Returning

Interesting thing is that if the proposed update to the transfer rule were already in affect, all would have been required to communicate with the staff as it requires the player to get a release from the institution. In other words, just as it used to be before the creation of the Transfer Portal in 2018.

according to a tweet by corey evans, we have reached out to NC-Central grad transfer randy miller.

damn, I have seen this before, after you send the time working with them, perfecting their technique and the new implants, they want to test free agency

Were problems brewing and we didn’t realize it? After that end of the year embarrassment against LA tech, I remember Sanchez saying something about next game, minutes were going to guys that wanted to play (or something like that) can’t remember exactly. I just remember I was curious who would get
minutes in our CUSA tournament game that never happened

Look at Martin’s minutes the last few games. He normally played 30-something minutes, but after the bad loss at FIU, his minutes went down to 26 and then 22 minutes the last two games. Williams went from 5-6 minutes a game to 14-16 minutes.

We all saw Williams have a couple good games to end the season. I stand by my theory that even Martin could see Williams had the potential to take more and more of his minuets next season.


If we can bring in one stud per season like Young and
Garcia and can somehow keep them, we can afford to lose a players or two each year.

Is there a set date that these transfers have to sign with a new school?

No, they don’t have to sign at all actually.

This season Bertram played 111 minutes, and made 2 of 22 shots attempted. As a 3-point shooting specialist he was 1 of 20. Combine his performance with the COVID-19 situation which will make it difficult for him to visit other schools and show them he can be better than his stats show, and what happens if he gets no offers? Is his spot on our team now gone?

If he was one of the ones that didn’t tell Coach Sanchez he was thinking of transferring then I would say it would be very hard to find his way back into coach’s good graces. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him end up at a smaller or possibly A-10 school closer to his home in NY. I truly believe his shooting this season was lack of confidence more so than his actual ability.

I could see him ending up at St Joe’s or Binghamton who both recruited him originally.

based on his limited production and shoulder injury, i doubt he has A10 options. i think it will be more like MAAC or NEC schools.

Cooper Robb to Eastern Kentucky. I’m sorry to see him go. He always played hard . Wish him well.

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I wish cooper well…seems like a good fit for him

Basketball wise he could go juco but school wise he probably has too many credit/is at junior level (not sure how that would work). He may have to go div. 2 unless a Binghamton takes a shoot at him.

Per Jeff Goodman, the number of players in the Transfer Portal is 110 more than at the same time last year - 460 vs 350.

According to verbal commits, seth bennett also transferring. although he was a walk on, i thought with his shooting ability, he could have eventually carved out a niche. im not sure why he would leave. he had d1 offers out of high school, if its bc he wants to go to school for free, he should have taken one of those offers.

maybe the offer was walk on here as a pwo and if you play well enough in practice we will award you a scholarship and maybe it just didn’t work out.

Or maybe he just didn’t like it here.

He wasn’t a starter here so I wish him well. The other guys I don’t care about. I don’t wish bad things on them but they’re dead to me.

I wonder if Danny Manning and Dan Dantoni are recruiting our walk ons again.

Wichita State still ahead of us with 8 transfers - 7 scholarship and one walk on. And Jeff Goodman saying could be more!

in all reality, we’ve had 2 transfers. younger has been gone and we could see that coming a mile away. bertram was suprising but he scored 7 points the whole season and had a shoulder injury. we lost robb and martin but robb was a price recruit and probably could see his minutes dwindling. martin, who knows but those things happen.