Please Stop Defaming Hill

Guys I know some of you are upset with Dalonte, but this does us ZERO good. Remember Beasley and his family are close with Hill; when you guys grill him that doesn’t help our chances.

Are we jaded? Yes. Betrayed? Yes.

Lets take the high road.

There is no high road with Hill IMO. Lutz stood up and took care of one of our own and what did Hill do in appreciation?

There is no reason to hurl insults, etc. But, Hill did this program and his former coach wrong. Thats his choice. But what goes aruond comes around. And when it comes back to bite Hill, I wont be too sad about it.

[QUOTE=HP49er;165803]There is no high road with Hill IMO. Lutz stood up and took are of one of our own and what did Hill do?[/QUOTE]

Could not agree more. He is a professional groupie who rides others peoples coattails. Karma is a b*tch Dalonte. DeMarr has taken you this far lets see what you can do on your on.

Yes but think of this, we all know that Mike’s mother is active on this board. How do you think she feels when a family friend and someone she trusts is called a liar, backstabber, thief, handler, etc. This badmouthing makes us look like horrible people who only want Mike to come here because we need him AND not because we are thinking of whats best for him. Mike no doubt feels the same when he heres these type of comments.

To be successful in business, you shouldn’t bad mouth your competition, nor former employees. It only makes your client curious about why you hate them so much. It makes you seem like you are hiding something.

Hill was offered a good job with a respected coach in a major conference. He’s looking out for number one. He’s not backstabbing. Its the name of the game. He was one hell of a hustler on the court, and he’ll make a good head coach one day. Its Huggins who can go to Hades.

Coach Hill, I don’t think that what you did to Mike was right. Making him choose between the school that he loves and another school that would help profit others. If Mike chooses to go with you I hope it’s because he feels that it will help him, not help your career. Like mom has said other things matter besides basketball, let him make his own choice and whatever he decides we have to understand that is best for him.

I know Dalonte personally and while I am very disappointed in him I am not mad at him and have no hard feelings. If Kansas State is where he wants to go, that’s fine. Maybe Lutz can convince Beasley to come after all. Justice would be served. But like I said, nothing against Hill personally. Huggins on the other hand, don’t even go there.

Had everything been done out in the open, with Lutz/Judy fully aware of EVERYTHING going on, then I’d have no beef with Hill. From my understandings, that wasn’t necessarily the case.

Sorry but I have very little respect for Hill at the moment and in my opinion, he betrayed Lutz and our program. Personally, I hope that after Beasley jumps to the NBA after one season at KSU, that Hill is shown the door.

Huggins and Hill are laying in the same bed as far as I’m concerned with all of this. However, I hold NO ill feelings towards Beasley in any of this. He’s just a kid who’s likely being pulled in many directions. I wish him the best at wherever he ends up and I do believe his love for Charlotte was/is genuine.

I know people are upset, but lets all move on, “it is what it is”

Hill and Beasley are gone lets go get a tru point guard!!!

If this was done without the consent of anyone in the basketball program than Huggins would be guilty of tampering would he not?

[QUOTE=Pork Chop;165812]He’s not backstabbing. . .[/QUOTE]

WOW, you have GOT to be kidding me! He had the chance to turn the school that he ATTENDED, PLAYED FOR and COACHED FOR into a national power, and skipped town for $$$$, STABBING BOBBY AND CHARLOTTE IN THE BACK. Way to go Dalonte. I agree with HP, when it comes to what Dalonte did to us, there is no high road.


[QUOTE=TheShowDawg;165810]Karma is a b*tch Dalonte.[/QUOTE]

Yea…don’t you watch my name is earl?

[QUOTE=Chisox17;165841]there is no high road.


Yes there is. And we need to take it in this case. It’s over…move on.

If this was done without the consent of anyone in the basketball program than Huggins would be guilty of tampering would he not?

The displeasure here with Hill has nothing to do with tampering or NCAA violations. Or even with Huggins for that matter. It has everything to do with someone that Lutz gave an opportunity to, someone who was a Niner, someone who was thought to be loyal to his program completely stabbing all of the above in the back. If you think that Hill had no “under the table” discussions with Huggins behind Lutz’s back, you’re kidding yourself. Illegal? No. Morally wrong? Yes.

People here are pissed at Hill simply because he turned his back on Lutz and Bobby/Judy didn’t even know he took the position until they heard it via another source. Hill is crap in my book and I hope he lasts no more than the one season that Beasley will play there.

Good posts jcl. Had Hill been open with everyone, I would have no issues. Coaches (including Bobby) need to look out for themselves but not the way this was handled by Hill.

EXCELLENT post jcl. that sums up the situation very well.

I don’t have much love for Dalonte at this point and I don’t think this was a good career move on his part. I could understand it if he was going to be making a lot more money at KSU, but that isn’t the case. He could be making the exact same amount here. Sure he will be an assistant coach in a bigger conference and under a bigger name coach, but look at what he has sacrificed. He has betrayed the school he attended, played for, and coached for by leaving and trying to take the best recruit the school has ever had with him. Maybe he will be successful in convincing Beasley to come with him and maybe he won’t but either way he has made enemies out of a lot of supporters he had in Charlotte. Even outsiders will have to question his loyalty when considering him for future jobs. Worst of all, he has put Michael Beasley in a terrible position… an high school kid is now being constantly hounded by reporters and will be forced to make a very difficult decision. Was it worth it Dalonte?

However this turns out, I just hope that Mike makes his own decision and isn’t pressured into a school he isn’t going to be happy with.

I’m upset too, but think about it…

Mike Beasley trusts Dalonte. They are friends. If we are on here badmouthing Dalonte, then we are in effect badmouthing one of Beasley’s best friends. Do you think that will help our chances at all? We already know his family is perusing this website. All I’m saying is that we should stop the badmouthing of Hill.

49erfan1. Beasley is GONE!! Face reality please. Are you not reading what the posters are posting??