Poor Tarhole Fan

Hahahaha thats what you get for tossing out that Presby fan.

[quote=“charlotteguy88, post:1, topic:24775”]http://rivals.yahoo.com/ncaa/basketball/blog/the_dagger/post/Wearing-North-Carolina-colors-costs-Tar-Heels-fa?urn=ncaab-307922
Hahahaha thats what you get for tossing out that Presby fan.[/quote]

Exactly…this is classic…BTW, what BS they always have to throw in to UNC-CH basketball stories. A ticket to one of their games is not that tough to get. They have multiple non-conf. games (atleast) that don’t come close to selling out. The article makes it sound like the guy had to go to UVA to see his Heels — because the tickets are just so hard to get in CH. Pleez.

I didn’t think it made it sound like getting a ticket to CH was hard. The guy was from Arlington (outside DC), so Charlottesville is obviously closer (Don’t know if it is 2 hours like they said). I agree with the lawyer, though, I think if it didn’t say on his ticket that there was a stipulation about what gear or team he pulled for that he shouldn’t have been moved. Bought and paid for becomes a contract and without a stipulation in it, the guy has a right to his seats.

Although it is a bit of karma obviously.

The guy shouldn’t have been moved and this is not karma. The tar hole fan did nothing wrong, though he has poor judgement about who to cheer for. Karma would be if Roy fell down a manhole into a sewer and that Presby fan was there to replace the manhole cover before Roy could climb out.