possibly SIX niners leaving after this season?

Im really pumped about this upcomming season, so i hate to bring this up, but im reeaaal worried about how young and inexperienced the 05-06 team could end up being. after this season we could possibly have six players leaving:

Iti - NBA
Withers - NBA

that would leave only 4 upperclassmen, as opposed to the 6 or 7 that we are used to having

maybe even Drayton if he has a great, and I stress great year…

[i]Originally posted by moss2k[/i]@Jun 23 2004, 11:28 PM [b] maybe even Drayton if he has a great, and I stress great year.... [/b]
yeah i didnt even think about drayton turning pro. i very seriously doubt he would leave after oen year, but i could possibly see him comming in and averaging around 20 ppg, then bolting for the draft. again i dont think that is a possiblility, but after seeing how close iti was to leaving, ANYTHING is possible. wow, what if the 2005 draft included THREE niners? now that would be something i never thought i would ever see

3 guys will not go to the NBA. There are not enough points to go around. The best case scenario is that Iti lights it up and goes to the NBA. Thus taking some of Withers stats.

I think Iti goes regardless of statistics. If Withers has a banner year, both he and Iti will be gone. The bad news about these guys going to the NBA is that we will lose them. The good news is that they will have played well enough to send us to the sweet 16 and beyond.

I don’t think Iti goes…as one of those pre-draft reports said, he used up his free invite to the Chicago Pre-Draft Camp(most important camp). He has to earn it next year, if he doesn’t get 15 and 10, I don’t think he gets invited back to Chicago, which will all but ensure he has no chance of getting picked. We know he really wants to get to the NBA, but he’s got to have a big year in order to have a shot at the NBA, he will get laughed at next year if he declares with the same 6 ppg and 4 rpg stats…

Withers is another story, i’m expecting(okay, maybe hoping…) 20+ ppg with 10 rpg. Depending on how much he’s improved his shot, I wouldn’t be very shocked if he gets close to 25 a game(with the extra shots becoming available when Demon left…). First Team All-CUSA and should be on most 2nd or 3rd All-American team lists, and will battle for CUSA POY(will win if we get the regular season title). Combined with a weak draft next year(from a high school prespective), I think he’s gone.

Good thing we are already starting to replace people with 05 recruit signings(Alexander and Mullis in, Gee and that other guy from Goldwire’s HS both looking very good).

I feel good about our recruits coming in that we will be ok for years to come. I too think Iti is there for two more years barring a huge year next year. If Withers get’s 20 and 10 a game he’s gone for sure.

Isn’t it a bit early it start worrying about the 05-06 season? We haven’t even started practice for the 04-05 season. Why worry about something that is a year away?

So we were talking about sending 3 to the NBA?

LOL Years to come… yeah… no so much.

LOL Years to come… yeah… no so much.[/quote]Prognostication fail.

Every day I sign on here and see someone has brought back one of these vintage threads. They make me depressed.

04-05 season… the season I fell in love with the Niners… Those were good days…

This is a laughable post. If i had seen it in '04, i would’ve responded then. I’ve been following Niner basketball since the early '90s, and they have had exactly one player in that time who could go early entry to the NBA. His name was Rodney White and he did it. The first time I saw him play, I knew he was on the level of others from other C-USA schools…at last in college (ex. Richardson from DePaul and Hughes from St. Louis). It didn’t take a talent scout, he was that good. I get Iti was highly rated, but ask Shavlick Randolph or CJ Leslie what their plans were after their freshman years.

I get that 04-05 was the high point. I felt great leaving Halton Arena after a big win against Southern Miss and being ranked #18 in the country. I’ll felt every bit as BAD when the Niners didn’t win another game all year. I long for those days too, but Charlotte has never even had three players in the NBA at the same (that I know of…maybe summer league).

Even at the peak under Lutz, the Niners never made it out of the 2nd round. I don’t think Coach Mid-Major will ever meet that modest goal. As much as I hate to say it, it is a program in serious decline. By the time the Niners reach the round of 32 again (probably 10 or more years from now, and at least two more coaches), it will feel like the Sunbelt days. we’ll see Charlotte on the 14 line of the bracket, and jump for joy.

On a positive note, I really like this year’s uniforms.