Post Press Conference Lunch: Picassos

A few of us were planning on heading to Pics after the press conference for lunch!

So come out to Picassos University to celebrate the arrival of our coach, talk about the future of 49er Football and meet fellow Niners!

So far, time set is 12:45pm. See you out there

I am on this like a fat gastonia girl on a krispey kreme doughnut!

I was gonna say that I’m in, but now I don’t know…

Anyone else in? Or is it just three of us?

I’m in !!

Sweet that makes 4! Who else?


Cool a new person! Im sure one of us will be wearing a Niners shirt. My name is Gill, we’ll keep an eye out for ya!

khakis green button down and charlotte mesh hat

and Gill is an indian dude - not native america indian so it will be hard to miss the white guys sittin with the one indian dude.

Presser went to long. Had to get back to work. Sorry to miss a lunch at Pics.

3 of us showed up(Bust Gill and I), but had some good talks.

Guess them fat gastonia girls don’t like their doughnuts that much after all. ::slight_smile: