Pre-Game and Game Thread

should be an easy win… but crazy things do happen… lets win this

game time

sounds like we’re off to a good start

what is up with plav?.. has he lost confidence in his 3’s?

Big sparks from Lee Goldwire. Go Niners ! ! !


Withers looking decent so far, too. GO CURT!

[i]Originally posted by SF4Nynah[/i]@Feb 19 2005, 08:13 PM [b] Withers looking decent so far, too. GO CURT! [/b]
his defender can't handle him

Big Curt is a monster. Another double double night in the making. Perfect from the line.

BP’s FINALLY hitting 3’s again.

BP 3 in a row!

3 in double figures!

ANOTHER 3 for plav - 4 in a row

BP again!

22 point lead… we got this

49-27 at the half? I’ll definitely take that.

20 points for Basden. Eddie stepping up too.

Nice double double for Eddie. Niners up 20.

eddie’s amazing

27 pts. 13 rebounds… wow