Now that the brackets have been released, how far do you see this Niner team making it, based on the matchups?

Poll will appear on homepage so please vote.

Tough first round match up. Davidson back doored us to death for the first 30 minutes of our game. Hopefully BP will get hot again and Evtimov and Hodge go cold like Winters did.+

If we can get past NC State and UConn, then we will have come together and reached our full potential. Nothing could keep us out of the final four then.

I voted for 2nd round loss, but I truly believe that if we come together to beat NC State we will also beat UCONN. To beat state we will have to get back our form from February. If we do that, we can beat anyone. So, needless to say, the NC State game is the biggest and only game I am worried about right now.

i consider nc state offense a lot like indiana. we played the worst game of basketball and still won. if they had scheduled easier(like state) they would be dancing and not state.