Prom Night in Mississippi

Just got done watching this… its mind blowing to think this still goes on in the United States of America…

Heres the snippet from HBO

[QUOTE]In 1997, actor Morgan Freeman offered to pay for the senior prom at Charleston High School in Mississippi, on one condition: it had to be racially integrated. His offer was ignored. Ten years later, he offered again–and this time, the school board accepted and Charleston High had its first integrated prom…though not without opposition. HBO presents this illuminating film that follows the efforts of students as they prepare for the groundbreaking dance in a Delta town where change does not come easily–and where the Oscar®-winning Freeman’s generosity ends up fanning flames of racism among several generations of Charleston residents. (TV14) (AL[/QUOTE]

It is a great documentary. Kinda hard to watch because of some of the students played it up, or atleast it seemed like it…

Anyways, thought i’d see if anyone else had seen it.

I saw a little of it. My family is from Mississippi. It’s a dark, dark place.


Morgan Freeman whips ass.

There was a school somewhere in Georgia a few years ago that had two segregated proms, both funded privately. In that case, it seemed like the kids wanted to have a single prom, and the parents were dead-set against it (falling back on some bullsh!t excuse about “tradition”). It’s scary how some places in the south (especially Mississippi) can be regarding race relations.

Yeah, thats exactly what was going on in Charleston Mississippi. Both proms were privately funded.

Even this time with Morgan Freeman paying for it, some white parents got together and did their own prom.

It's scary how the world, black white brown yellow or green, can be regarding race relations.

Here in winston, there is a privately funded, slightly segregated “prom” called the Snow Ball.

It started out as the rich white kids holding their own prom back in the day.

There is racism everywhere, unfortunately it is a part of society, and while strides have been made, we are not where we need to be yet…

But organized / institutionalized racism in current times is ridiculous.

[QUOTE=Powerbait;422703]Morgan Freeman whips ass.[/QUOTE]

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Morgan Freeman whips ass.
Isn't he dating his step-grand daughter??
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