Prominent hoops blogger predicts Charlotte cracks

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i believe we stay where we are at, becouse of losing by 20+

Yeah that comment was before the Cincy game. But today he posted that we would crack the top 25. click on the comments under “open threads: today’s games”

Edit: nevermind.

Interesting reading on that site.

  • Very soon, the national pundits will start mentioning Charlotte (12-2 overall, 3-0 Conference USA) as a potential NCAA team. In large part due to the play of Brendan Plavich. Indiana fans are all too familiar with the sharp-shooter’s antics; it was his half-court heave that brought down the Hoosiers earlier this year. Among the nation’s best three-point shooters, Plavich routinely practices his jump shot from two steps inside halfcourt.
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  • The University of Hawaii’s four losses have been by a combined seven points, and all four have come in the final minute. In other words, the Rainbows are eight points away from an undefeated season.

[/QUOTE]i believe we stay where we are at, becouse of losing by 20+ [QUOTE]
sorry if i’m wrong… but i don’t think they they look at how much you lost by… a loss is a loss right?.. even though we screwed up on national television.