Proposed 2019 MBB rule changes


Among the proposals are extending the 3 point line to the international distance and resetting the shot clock to 20 seconds on an offensive rebound.


I’m curious to see the stats on % of overall shots taken outside the 3pt line before and after the change. It may open the middle a little but I don’t think it decreases the % of 3pt shots taken.

Better for slashers though.


This could be a good excuse to buy a new court. Been a minute since they updated it.


Prob wouldn’t happen until branding assessment is finalized.


That’s a fair point, I’m looking forward to what they come up with. Brand is already :100: compared to the old regime.


clt would enjoy the old school norm at mid court




All five proposals approved.


This proposal, if approved, would probably go into affect in 2020-21 at the earliest.