Puerto Rico Tournament Champions!!!

Wow! Great Heart by this team! Congratulations! Way to go Niners!!

I love the energy this team has. This team is special. I know a lot of guys were looking forward to next year, and counting us out this year. I am not so sure that is the case anymore.

Go Niners! 2013 Puerto Rico Tip-Off CHAMPIONS

Don’t look now but Alan Major is 1 game away from a .500 career record. 49-50.

I was fortunate enough to see all three games from tip to buzzer and this team is really something when it comes to being able to answer runs by the opponent. Every team we played made small runs throughout each game and we would respond with a big three, a big turnover or answer with a big offensive rebound. Over and over and over.

C-USA has been put on notice. You can’t push us around, you can’t rattle us and now you can’t even out-shoot us!

PS - Thankfully, for his own sake, Williams got the put back…he would have been booed all season if he hadn’t after the start he has had. Way to be in the right spot and finish it T-Will!

Did they announce an all tourney team and MVP???

Where’s the Major haters at now? Seriously, we’ve improved every year, and look at the guys he’s brought in: Clayton, Henry, Thorne, Lester, Ingram, T Will, Bryan, Cherry, and Benny. Who knows how good Blakely will be in a year or two (based on Thorne, I’ll hedge my bets). These guys play as a team and work hard!

Great win, great fight out of this team, they like to make things close, but man are they fun to watch!

We controlled all 3 games in the tournament. Every team we played had to make runs to get back in the game. This team is very solid, but depth will be a problem through the season.

49RFootballNow, you realize that graphic is wrong right? FSU did beat NE.

Great job boys. Fantastic.

It got the important part right, Niners won!

What a win. We tried are hardest to give it away at the end again. How did TWill not even hit in the ring on that first attempt?

We are better than Michigan, flat out. They had nothing other than Stauskas. If you had taken the names away from both teams and just watched that game as an outsider. You would swear we were the #14 team in the nation.

Our expectations for this season have to change now. I mean with the way Lester and Thorne have started the season. We have to think NCAA’s now.

Couple of quick notes from the game:

  • Willie Clayton is just a beast. Plain and simple

  • Henry’s shot was off again. But those floaters were key when we couldn’t buy a bucket

  • Ingram was huge today, just huge. Such a great player to come off the bench.

  • Thorne needs to get under control a bit. As soon as he gets it in the post, he is going up for the hook shot no matter what

  • Lester looks like a junior/senior playing out there. So impressed with his overall game.

  • Bryan came in and hit two big jumpers and took that charge on McGary. Super impressed with him as wel

We should all be very proud of this team. It’s been a long couple of years for us fans. The present and future is very bright.

I am on ultimate sports high right now between Niners and panthers. What a gritty win by our boys! Took mcgary and Glenn Robinson (both all American candidates) out of the game completely!!!

Love this team.

Is Alan Major the greatest preseason tournament coach in Charlotte history?? Alaska last year and San Juan this year.

I would have to think that winning a preseason tourney the last 2 yrs…and returning all players for next year…and adding the recruits & transfers…we should get into a GOOD tourney next year.


Pre season NIT??

We beat all eight of them.

Free Throws:

Charlotte 5-8
Michigan 18-24