Put it to rest!

Can we please quit talking about the top 25, because I promise it doesnt matter, and most of all. . . .

MARTIN ITI!!! He played his ass off so please get off his back and off Nance’s nuts! Thanks! :smiley:

I agree, Iti def. was a prescence to be dealt with today, even though his stats arent that impressive for the game, he seemed pumped up and his play showed it.

yeah… when he went into the game every time i saw an intensity that i don’t normally see from him… especially the time when he dunked over maxiell. That was SWEET - for like the number 1 blocker to get dunked over.

Yes, as a matter of fact being in the Top 25 does matter. The Top 25 for a program such as ourselves means good national attention which we can build upon.