Q&A with Gaby Ngoundjo in Gold Mine blog

Jim Utter had the opportunity to do some Q&A with incoming frosh Gaby Ngoundjo last week after a pick-up game at Belk Gym. I like this kid’s attitude!

Q&A with Gaby Ngoundjo

Jim, thanks!!!

great article…esp this part…

[QUOTE] Q: Do you consider yourself a defensive specialist?
Ngoundjo: I’m comfortable both ways, offense and defense. For me, I put defense first. Without defense you can’t win. Defense wins games. You have to play defense first. If you don’t rebound, you’re going to get beat.

I liked his attitude about defense. Maybe it will be contagious. “Defense wins!”

I thought the first “N” was silent. GOON-jo.

When Bobby Lutz’ teams play good defense, they win games. I like when he brings in good-D guys.

I thought the first "N" was silent. GOON-jo.

Same here. Jim you sure about this? Seems like 99% of the time, the N at the beginning of many African last names is silent.

Doesn’t matter though, he is known as The Goonj.


This will be our call to arms.

And for ninernation.net purposes


:thumbsup: Sounds real good! Look forward to seeing him put it on the floor.