QB Update for Home Opener

JK, Lambert would never do that. This is the guy who rotated three QBs.

If anyone gets the #scoop, I’m curious but I’d be SHOCKED if the QB who starts the first game also starts Game 7 and Game 12. In fact I’d wager against it.

How many seasons have we had a definitive qb week 1?

Year 2 and last year?

I guess year 1 Johnson was the guy from the Spring game on.

But I agree… Last year was “Finally the year”

We gotta surprise them! If we play a new QB every week, how can they game plan for us?!

the year where McNeill would start drives would stall, Matt Johnson would come in and pickup 2 or 3 first downs in a row and we’d pull him for McNeill as we neared the red zone was my favorite.

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Matt Johnson had a limited skill set. I also completely believe that if we had stuck with him and let him be our four year QB we would absolutely been in a better position as a program and as reflected in wins and losses at the end of his tenure.


I kinda hope we run Klugh out there for the opener to beat Fordham, then run a new QB out there against App the following week with a totally different looking offense.

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If his first read was open…he was pretty good. If his first read wasn’t open…he’d throw it anyway. That’s where he was painful to watch. And it was rare that his first read was open.

clt brings up Riley Ferguson

At least he had the ability to move off his first read. Damn, the bar is low.

I get the feeling it isn’t Klugh. I think we can expect to see some wild-norm packages for Klugh being mixed in.

Anybody got a reason behind this? A month+ of camp and they still can’t make a decision?

Sherriffs still hurt, but they don’t know if he’ll be ready for Saturday?

Read again

My mistake. I was hangry when I was reading.

Nick Saban still hasn’t made a decision either!

Opponent cannot game plan for us is my guess.

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You are giving way too much credit to Lambert on that guess. My guess is that Lambert has no clue.

At least we won’t have to worry about the 3-headed monster at QB:

Lambert said he’s set on his QB starter and won’t consider platooning with another during the game. “We’ll put a guy out there and see what he can do.”

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clt asks if they are required to name a qb1 now that college fantasy fb is a big deal?