Quick poll about Football Recruiting and the Poggi effect

Poggi and his staff are going crazy with football offers for the next 3 classes (2024-26)! Easily going to have well over 100 for each class, possibly 150.

I’ve been trying to keep up and post them on here, but it’s starting to feel like overkill, and I’m wondering how many NNN users read them all. So quick question:

Should we try to capture all Football offers on NNN?
  • Yes
  • No, but would appreciate featuring some offers that may be of more interest, such as high rated and local players
  • No, it’s information overload. Just focus on commitments

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For what it’s worth, anyone is welcome to update the offers. The more the merrier. I just didn’t want to overload the board with offers if it was becoming too much to consistently pay attention to. Blame Poggi. His guys are killing it on the recruiting trail. Really getting out there and talking to these coaches and players, and generating tons of interest.

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Verbal or signed is all that’s needed IMO. I agree it’s hard to even look at those threads with all the random offers.

Now if there’s a :star::star::star::star: transfer from Michigan/st frances and we offer then that’s something to highlight I think


As long as we are getting commits like we have, include offered too. That way they will check out this chat box and see how great CLT is and infatuation with gif’s

I’m happy all the recruits feel blessed though.

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So, after posting this poll, @ninermac and I came up with an idea to keep everyone happy.

Going forward, we will be tracking offers continuously on the Football Offer Stream thread. This thread is highly automated, to help with the volume.

We will also continue to track Commitments and Signings in the individual Class of XXXX Recruiting threads and signing day specific threads.

Please feel free to contribute to either. Thanks!


Thank you advocate and ninermac

Once again you are proving we have the best fan site in the world.