New album out today, and these guys are attempting to stick it to the man (record companies) by NOT signing with a label to release it. You can go to their website…and chose to pay whatever amount you want for the download. Very cool.

Record companies are a dying breed.


Yea we’ve been talking about this on the Queens boards. I totally forgot it came out today. I’ll have to get my copy. Strange how them offering it for free makes me want to give them money.

I preordered it when it was first announced, even threw them a couple of bucks. As for the album, I really like it, just off of two listens probably my 3rd or 4th favorite album from them.

My brother made a copy for me yesterday and I listened to most of it (10 or 11 tracks so far) and I’ve got to say. I think I payed about what it’s worth. I’m gonna keep it in my CD player this week and listen through a couple more times but I didn’t think it was very good.