I got a job in Raleigh and I start in July. Anybody know the area? I’m looking for an apartment for now. The job is near Crabtree Mall, about 1/2 mile north of it on Creedmore. The area seemed pretty nice from my brief visit during my interview, but I don’t know much about the area or the city in general. Anybody have any suggestions for parts of town to lean towards or avoid?

My parents live in North Raleigh at the moment, I actually went to high school in Raleigh. If you are working near crabtree probably the best area is to go North on Creedmoore to the Millbrook, Leesville, Lynn road area. I’m probably a little biased because I crew up there but next time your up just drive around in that area, there are at least 4 apartment complexes.

I would agree with EE49er… there are several places up that direction… Also, for an area to avoid = Hillsborough Street… that is unless you want to count yourself among the thousands of misguided, maligned, and mis-diagnosed NC State students.:biggrin:

jdm49er, I couldn’t agree with you more. Although I would have loved to be on Hillsborough Street this past weekend wearing my Niners gear.

All the cool kids live inside the beltline. I lived around the 5pts area (get to know lilly’s pizza) after college and it was great. my wife lived up near lynn/creedmore and it seems like that area is in decline…i assume that because theres a lot nice stuff further west at brier creek. i’d also look near north hills/six forks area since theres some great hangouts there…but if you are young and single you will spend most your evening times on glenwood south near downtown.

They say apex is the peak of good living but it takes some age on you to appreciate it.:shades:

i live near the art museum on the west side of the city. i’ll echo the sentiments for the 5points area (and specifically lillys pizza) being a cool place. also the area of glenwood south is the main hangout restaurant bar scene in the area. stay away from east raleigh, south raleigh (unless you go past garner into apex which is nice, if you’ve got some age on you… hehe) and capital blvd. there’s some decent apartments on millbrook/lynn roads that run E/W through north raleigh.

Raleigh is a great town to live in. I lived off of Creedmoor and Lynn at the Governor’s Point apartments around 1990. They were great back then, and almost new. That area has grown/changed a lot since then.

Grew up in Raleigh and lived there for 16 years. True south, east and southeast raleigh are the areas to avoid. North Raleigh is nice but is relatively expensive. N. Raleigh and Cary are like the southpark and Dilworth of Raleigh. Inside the beltline is the old part of town, but if your looking for a remodeled craftsman that is where to look, although we are talking 300-400k, for starters. there are a ton of cool bars around there, including five points and the power station district downtown. Local restaurants to try: 42nd street oyster bar, 2nd empire, and if you get the chance go to big ed’s at raleigh city market, almost proven to have addictive qualities. The most affordable area of raleigh most likely would be just north or west of crabtree valley, down glenwood ave. Also stay away from the other side of capital blvd, literally the other side of the tracks. If you don’t want to be around NC State students 24/7 don’t live inside the beltline.

Thanks for all of the information. For the record, I am young but I will be hitched by the time I move up there, so not so much with the bar-hopping for me.

The job is almost on the corner of Millbrook & Creedmoor, I have found a few apartments within a few miles of that intersection. I’ll have to go look at them in person, but they have all of the amenities we are looking for. Is that whole area around Glenwood over to Six Forks about the same?

Where exactly is this 5 Points area? All I have to go by at this point is a Mapquest map…

I’m hoping to avoid State fans as much as possible. Even though it is an engineering job, I don’t think they offer any related curriculum so I hope to avoid them at work at least. I saw a sign for Carter-Finley somewhere off of Glenwood, where is the stadium?

And, most importantly, where is the nearest Best Buy in that general area?

There is a Best Buy at crabtree valley mall. If you continue south on Creedmoor, it turns into Edwards Mill Rd. and that runs into RBC center and Carter-Finley.

Central Raleigh/ Downtown

Thanks, that is very helpful.

that map is awesome. mspaint 4tw. up near where you’ll be living, there’s a couple of decent places along glenwood as you go north from crabtree to grab a bite or drink, and then there’s the briar creek area (where glenwood hits the outer 540 beltline) that has a ton o restaurants and shops.


5pts area aka (HayesBarton) is the intersection of glenwood, fairview,whitaker mill. Lilly’s Pizza sits on Glenwood just before you get to the light. My wife before we were married lived in edinburgh commons (i think) at lynn and creedmore…that complex was great when it was first built but it started getting some sketchy folks in there over time.

LOL that map is great. Location of the Krispy Kreme is key

there’s an indy theatre at 5pts (the Realto) where you can BOYB while you watch your flick. At least I was able to last time i went.

The KK is marked probably because it literally is the only one in the RDU area. The one in Cary closed. And I don’t think Durham has one (if if they had one, who is gonna drive 30min to get doughnuts anyway).

small correction, there is not a best buy at crabtree, that is a circuit city. the best buy is up glenwood towards 540 in the pleasant valley shopping center. if you need real estate help my parents are both agents who have lived there since '82.

the best buy at pleasant valley closed i think…they moved to crabtree valley mall across the parking lot from the belk entrance and next door to barnes and nobles (old toys-r-us)…eventually it will be connected to the mall with a parking deck and new restaurants on top (which is all under construction now).

Apex is correct, I was in that new best buy last Christmas with my parents, it hasn’t been there long Down I think it used to be a big Toy’s R Us.

wow, really, that place is changing