Rate Your QB's

Based on our scoring system (which is relatively common), I have them as follows:

  1. Culpepper - A threat on the ground and in the air…great for leagues that give bonus points for big plays.

  2. Manning - Almost put him first but he can often have a few TD-less games.

  3. McNair - Most underrated QB in the league I think. Puts up huge numbers, despite an average supporting cast and durable despite taking a pounding.

  4. McNabb - Not a big fan of McNabb but like Dante, he’s a double-threat. Having T.O. should only improve McNabb’s fantasy numbers.

  5. Vick - I’m not on the Vick bandwagon and could make a case for a couple others to be ahead of him here but he is what he is.

  6. Bulger - Big arm, lots of weapons…Kurt who? Can Faulk stay healthy and keep the offense on the field?

  7. Hasselbeck - Loads of potential but his stock is hurt a little by their dependency on Alexander, which is to be expected. Seahawks are poised for a great year.

  8. Brooks - Dangerous QB that’s capable of exploding on any given day but can be inconsistent at times.

  9. Favre - Old man but his stats don’t lie. Despite his age, he continues to put up very solid fantasy numbers each week.

  10. Green - Like Seattle, K.C. will keep the ball in their RB’s hands more often than not but Trent still has very solid numbers.

Last 3 out: Pennington, Brady and Bledsoe - Pennington could actually have a big year and should be considered as a starting fantasy QB. Despite the success of the Patriots, Brady wasn’t anything to write home about as far as fantasy football goes. Bledsoe had a horrible year but I expect him to bounce back now that he has a speedy deep threat in Lee Evans, which should also free up Moulds more. O-line needs to protect better though to avoid many 3-and-outs.

Daunte Culpepper - Having Moss to throw to makes him twice as dangerous, couple that with them not having a top RB and that makes him the overall best
Peyton Manning - You can set your watch by him. 12 to 15 points guranteed, usually more
Donovan McNabb - Hate him but what makes him good is the same thing that makes Culpepper good.
Matt Hasselbeck - Have never been sold on him the last 2 years and the last 2 years he’s proven me wrong. Quality QB
Michael Vick - Potential out wazoo. Culpepper with twice the speed.
Steve McNair - Old reliable. McNair has been a staple of my teams for years. Injuries are his only problem.
Trent Green - Vermeile style of offense makes him good. Problem is other than Gonzales he has no consistent receiving threat.
Aaron Brooks - Rough year last year but with McCallister being as good as he is and a healty receiving corp he’ll do well.
Brett Favre - He’ll start every game and give you decent numbers. Not sold on Walker as a consistent receiving threat but Driver gets open
Tom Brady - Consistent. Won’t put up gaudy numbers but he won’t cost you points either.

Last 3 out - Pennington - Need to see how he comes back from injury, Santana Moss and Regie Wayne aren’t proven…yet. Bulger - He’ll be a bust this year in my opinion. Too many interceptions and Martz is too stupid to change, but Holt and Bruce as your receivers makes you a viable threat. Bledsoe - He’s old and hasn’t done jack with the Bills, but he’s still got the potential to put up big numbers from time to time.


[i]Originally posted by switchfoot[/i]@Jul 26 2004, 07:28 PM [b] WHAT ABOUT DELHOMME!!!!!!!!!!! [/b]
Don't get me wrong, Jake's my boy. But when you're talking fantasy you have to play with your head, not your heart. Fox emphasizes the run and Steve Smith is the only receiving threat we have.

Jake needs one more season to prove to me he’s worth more than a back up spot on my fantasy team, but he can lead my Panthers any day of the week.

[i]Originally posted by MKNiner[/i]@Jul 26 2004, 02:30 PM [b] But when you're talking fantasy you have to play with your head, not your heart. [/b]
Don't tell that to a couple people in my league who will be jumping on S. Davis, S. Smith, Delhomme, Kasey and the Panthers defense WAY too early.

I like Jake, but I agree with MK in that he’s a backup (fantasy) QB at best. He may work himself into a starting spot in another year or two but I’d have to put about 15 QB’s ahead of him when my money is riding on a season of fantasy football. Not so much a jab at Jake but the Panthers offense just isn’t geared towards him put up big fantasy numbers.