Reality Check Folks

For those that know me from this board there are a few things I am consistent about…

  1. I love Lutz as a person but I don’t think we as a university or fans should be satisfied with what he has done. My number one pet peeve is that he is the only coach who will stay here, so friggin what?
  2. Our offensive philosophy irritates me. We rely on the three entirely too much for a team with quality big men.
  3. Our defensive schemes keep me awake at night. Putrid.
  4. On the bright side wee are getting more and more national recognition.
  5. The move to the A-10 can be great (basketball focused schools like St. Josephs, Xavier, Temple, GW, Richmond, etc.)
  6. Local marketing has improved, if only slightly.
  7. C-Set is a great start for more television coverage locally.

That being said, let’s focus on this year.

  1. Our non-conference schedule was disappointing.
  2. A 9-2 record (assuming a win tonight) is average with our schedule.
  3. Our RPI is embarassing.
  4. We are the same old Niner team as always. Notice that we always complain about the same things. (See #1 above)
  5. Our FT shooting and defense will continue to determine every game


  1. Iti is showing promise.
  2. Basden is a stud, plain and simple.
  3. Withers is the wildcard. We complain about double double performances becuase we know he can do even more.
  4. Leemire Goldwire has shown he has the ability to be “Colsonesque”.
  5. Plavich can hit big shots, he can dominate games when hot, his defense is awful.
  6. Mitchell can be a great defender and play wonderful basketball at times (Louisville)
  7. Nance is a force rebounding and defensively, if only at times

I feel better about the upcoming conference season than any since the Colson and Johnson days. We have the talent to win big games and we have a chance to prove it against teams like Cincy, Louisville, and Marquette along with UAB and DePaul. I am excited about our team. I am sure I will piss and moan about shot selection, technicals, defense, and more but I still feel this can be a Sweet 16 season and maybe more.

Go Niners!

What Bobby has accomplished here is outstanding. If the athletic dept at Charlotte gave a damn about winning, he could build a national championship contender.

gamer you think playing Sager would have won us the Rutgers game and we had a former coach named “Marvin” who was most recently at Texas.

What the hell are you doing tell us anything?


Why was this thread exhumed?

Because Metro has way too much time on his hands. He’s rather rattle bird cages than spend time doing something worthwhile with his life.

Oh, for the good ol days when a 9-2 conference record was average, and the worst thing we had to get upset with was someone wearing the wrong cover to a ball game.
I must confess, I have never worn a chapel hill cap to a game or anywhere else.
As a kinder, gentler Gamer, I would never attempt to antagonize anyone on this board now. Trust me.